Real parents share their best potty training tips!

Real parents share their best potty training tips!

Struggling with potty training your child? Here are some tried and tested potty training tips from real moms and dads!

1. Sometimes they're not yet ready

Sometimes, kids just aren't ready to be potty trained. For the most part, kids should be ready when they're 2 to 2.5 years old, so if you're trying to potty train a younger kid, then they might not yet be ready for potty training.

Wait a few months and then try again.

2. Make sure they can take their pants off

There are some cases wherein the child is struggling to use the potty all because they don't know how to take their pants off, or they might have a hard time doing it.

Make sure that your child can already clothe themselves, or at least remove their pants, so that they can go to the washroom all by themselves.

3. Patience is key

Potty training isn't the easiest thing to do, and for first-time parents, they might feel that it's complicated, or they might think that it's too hard.

Which is why it's important for parents to be patient when it comes to potty training, and understand that for a child, using the toilet takes a lot of getting used to.

So just keep at it, and know that there are a lot of other parents that are going through the exact same thing you're doing. So don't feel discouraged!

4. Don't force it

Sometimes, forcing things on your kid can have a negative effect, and thus make them less receptive to learning new things. If your child can't quite grasp the concept of using a toilet, then that's fine. Just be consistent, and keep at it until they eventually figure things out.

Don't get mad at them, and don't force them if they don't want to.

5. Make it a part of their routine

It's called potty training for a reason, so it's important to make using the potty a routine for your child. Even if they don't take to it quickly, it's important to make it a part of their routine.

Knowing the signs that your kid is about to urinate or poop, is important so that you can immediately take them to their potty if you sense those signs. It makes them understand the concept better, and it also makes it a habit for them.

6. Prompt them to use the potty

Instead of asking your child if they need to go, it might be better to prompt them to use the potty instead. Saying "Let's go to the potty." instead of asking "Do you want to go potty?" helps a lot in potty training your child.


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