This mommy shares a great recipe for boosting breast milk supply!

Mommies, are you worried that your breast milk supply is dropping? This mommy has a great recipe for boosting breast milk supply!

Most breastfeeding mommies get worried at some point or the other that they may not be producing enough of breast milk or "liquid gold" for their little ones.

Traditionally, many foods and recipes have been followed by various cultures, and they are believed to increase breast milk supply (though they may not be backed by scientific research).

Take the case of mommy Patricia Wong. This mommy of a 5-month-old baby recently shared a super simple recipe for boosting breast milk supply.

Her recipe for boosting breast milk supply is a papaya soup, consisting of papaya, red dates, dry longan and goji berry!

Patricia tells theAsianparent, "I am Malaysian Peninsular Chinese married to Sabah Dusun Tatana. During my confinement, my mother-in-law cooked unripe papaya chicken soup. It is their kampung dish for mothers to increase breast milk."

"When my mom came, she added in her Chinese ingredients which is the red dates, dry longan and goji berry."

Patricia tells us how to cook this papaya soup:

  • Take half papaya (green, totally unripe), around 500gm, with one fist of red dates, one fist of dry longan and one fist of goji berry. You may add meat if you wish.
  • Add about 4 cups of water, and cook. If cooking on gas, cook for about 30 min to 1 hour on low flame, until papaya gets soft. If using slow cooker, cook for 2 hours.

  • If you want, you can add a bit of salt as the soup can get very sweet.
  • Goji berry can usually be obtained in Chinese traditional medicine shops or in hypermarkets at the herbs section.

Wasn't that a great recipe? Patricia tells us that the recipe worked wonders for her.

Mommies, do let us know if it worked for you!

Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore