Kids have a cough? Here’s a great recipe for homemade lemon ginger cough drops!

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Homemade cough drops are a safe, convenient, and great way to relieve a sore throat, or to help ease your little one's coughing fits!

These days, a lot of parents are opting for natural alternatives to medicine, especially when it comes to dealing with more common ailments, such as a sore throat or a cough.

And of the most common remedies aside from drinking medicine would be to let your kid chew on a cough drop to help soothe any itching or soreness in their throat.

It's so simple!

The cool thing is that the recipe is so simple, you can also let your kids join you in making some cough drops. Just make sure to keep them well away from any steps that involve heat, and they can help out in preparing the ingredients, as well as mixing everything.

So, how does one go about creating a delicious homemade lemon ginger cough drop? Watch the video below!

The amazing thing about making your own cough drops is that you're in full control of what goes inside the cough drop. You're sure that there are no additives or ingredients that might be harmful for your child, or might even cause an allergic reaction.

Plus, you can also add some food coloring or additional ingredients such as peppermint extract to change the taste and the appearance of the cough drops. You can also tweak the ingredients and change the amounts, such as reduce the amount of ginger, or cut back a bit on the sugar. It's really up to you!

So why not try out making your own cough drops? It's easy, fun to make, and pretty useful to have around the house!


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