Regine Angeles shares her struggles with having low milk supply

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In an Instagram post, the actress writes, "There were red-orangey like crystals inside his diaper. A sign of dehydration." She adds, "Turns out I wasn't producing enough milk. His weight dropped."

Actress and mom Regine Angeles revealed that she recently had a frightening experience when she discovered that she had low milk supply.

She struggled with low milk supply

The first-time mom shares that during October of 2017, when her son was only two weeks old, she discovered "red-orangey like crystals inside his diaper. A sign of dehydration."

"Turns out, I wasn't producing enough milk. His weight dropped," she added.

Regine went on, "I was crying. Imagine the horror of being a first-time mom and knowing that you're not providing enough for the needs of your child.

"Ay, grabe iyak ko, pang-teleserye!"

She found a milk donor to help her out

Since Regine wanted to keep breastfeeding her baby, she and her husband looked for a milk donor to help provide milk for their little one. Thankfully, they found a donor who helped them out for a week while Regine worked on building up her milk supply with a lactation consultant and lactation capsules.

Eventually, her son Alesso recovered and is now growing up happy and healthy. He is now three months old.

It just goes to show that no matter what happens, it's important to never give up, especially when it comes to taking care of your child. It's also important to have a strong support group and a supportive husband and family who will be with you no matter what challenges you go through.


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