Regine Velasquez on being a hands-on mom: 'It's the most fulfilling thing ever'

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With an illustrious career spanning decades, it’s tough to find one singer more accomplished than Asia’s songbird. But she’s found true joy away from the limelight. “Being a mom is the most fulfilling thing ever in the world,” gushes Regine Velasquez on motherhood.

We managed to catch up with Regine at a recent Jollibee event, where she and her son Nate, her only child with husband Ogie Alcasid, were launched as the beloved food chain’s newest Jolly Spaghetti endorsers.

“It’s an honor,” Regine says about this latest project, explaining how she and her son had long been Jollibee fans. 

“When he was two, we had a party in my sister’s house and we wanted the Jollibee mascot to be there. Because he had a small, dancing Jollibee toy, love na love niya yon,” she recalls. “When Jollibee got there, may production number pa siya. Andoon din mga pamangkin ko. Tuwang tuwa si Nate!”

Despite a hectic career, she’s managed to remain a hands-on mom to her son, who is now six years old. 

“I had a good four years that I wasn’t busy. Hindi masyado nag-wo-work,” said Regine, adding how she devoted all her focus on her son. She would be there almost every day, even during meal times and bedtime.

regine velasquez on motherhood

We interviewed Regine Velasquez on motherhood and her answers both charmed and surprised us! | image source: Regine Velasquez Instagram account

For her, the best thing about being a hands-on mom is that she gets to witness every milestone. 

But being a working mom is not without its challenges. Regine confides that she struggled with worrying about Nate when he would get sick, but she had to work. 

“I would work once in a while pero hindi full-time. I’m happy I was given that time. I miss that time. It was also for me as it was for him,” she shares.

Regine Velasquez on motherhood: “Apparently, I’m strict! I never knew…”

Not only has being a mom given her fulfilment, it has enlightened her about herself. 

“Apparently, I’m strict! I never knew,” she said upon being asked about her parenting style. “I always thought I would be a relaxed kind of mom. But I’m not. I’m like my mom. I’m actually masungit!”

Known to always be charmingly candid, the songstress confesses she isn’t against spanking her child to promote good behavior. 

“But I feel bad,” she adds after admitting she does spank Nate sometimes. She goes on to confide how Nate’s at an age when he’s starting get a little bit naughty. 

Though she is a admittedly a strict parent, she knows it’s important to balance it out with fun, bonding experiences.

“He likes to go on picnics, so we do that. He would ask me to build him a house out of balikbayan box and apparently I’m very good at it ah,” she says, laughing, “or blanket forts!”

Fostering independence through play and housework

regine velasquez on motherhood

We found it charming how Nate is growing up to be a funny and independent kid when we interviewed mom Regine Velasquez on motherhood. | image source: Regine Velasquez Instagram account

It’s not just during playtime that Nate has fun. The celebrity kid even enjoys house work!

“Marunong yan maghugas ng plato,” Regine beams, turning to Nate and asking him, “Diba you know how to wash?” To which the friendly, little one agrees.

“Tinuturuan din siya ng household chores,” she continues. “Gusto niyang nagwawalis.”

Their tight-knit family now includes Leila, Ogie’s daughter from a previous relationship. 

“He likes to do baking with his ate (Leila) cupcakes. Kasi meron din silang bonding time together. Bukod sa kinukulit niya ang ate niya,” quips Regine, who has maintained a loving friendship with Leila’s mom, Michelle Van Eimeren. 

Through this and other opportunities to build self-reliance, the doting mom hopes Nate will become more independent.

“I’m not going to be there all the time. So I am teaching him how to entertain himself,” she explains, adding how it enriches his coping mechanisms as well.

Just spending a few moments with the mother and son will show you that Nate is growing up to be kind and caring, fond of little gestures like making cards for his mom and dad.

“He loves my songs; he loves daddy’s songs,” Regine shares in closing, before asking Nate to share which among his daddy’s many hit songs is his favorite.

“Taba Ko Na, Bes!” Nate exclaims, an unconventional choice, which sent his mom into a fit of hearty laughter. 

No doubt, little Nate is taking after both his parents, when it comes to having an infectious sense of humor as well.

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