A comprehensive list of regular holidays and non-working days for 2018!

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Moms and dads, this comprehensive list of regular holidays and non-working days for 2018 should be able to help you plan ahead for your family vacation!

Moms and dads, make sure to plan your vacation leaves and get ready to scout for piso fares! Malacañang just released Proclamation No. 269, or the list of regular holidays and non-working days for 2018. So now is the perfect time to plan your family’s vacation for this year!

src=https://ph admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/11/2018/01/beach.jpg A comprehensive list of regular holidays and non working days for 2018!

Plan ahead for your family’s 2018 vacations with this list of regular holidays and non-working days for 2018!

Regular holidays and non-working days for 2018

Here’s a list of the regular holidays for 2018:

  • January 1 (Monday) – New Year’s Day
  • March 29 – Maundy Thursday
  • March 30 – Good Friday
  • April 9 (Monday) – Araw ng Kagitingan
  • May 1 (Tuesday) – Labor Day
  • June 12 (Tuesday) – Independence Day
  • August 27 (Monday) – National Heroes Day
  • November 30 (Friday) – Bonifacio Day
  • December 25 (Tuesday) – Christmas Day
  • December 30 (Sunday) – Rizal Day

And here are the special (non-working) days for 2018:

  • February 16 (Friday) – Chinese New Year
  • February 25 (Sunday) – EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary
  • March 31 – Black Saturday
  • August 21 (Tuesday) – Ninoy Aquino Day
  • November 1 (Thursday) – All Saints Day
  • December 31 (Monday) – Last Day of the Year
  • November 2 (Friday), December 24 (Monday)- Additional (special) non-working days

If you check the dates, you’ll notice that there will be nine long weekends in 2018 since a number of holidays fell on a Monday or a Friday.

Ths means that moms and dads will have a lot of opportunities to take a break and spend some much-needed vacation time with their families!

Vacations are important!

Vacations are important for your family. While some might dismiss them as unnecessary expenses, vacations can actually do more good than material objects.

Here are four reasons why vacations are important for your family:

  1. Vacations allow you to spend quality time with your family.
  2. They let you get some much-needed rest and relaxation.
  3. Vacations help you create fond memories for both you and your kids.
  4. Vacations allow you and your family to experience new things.

Holidays can sometimes be expensive, but they’re good for your family and are sure to bring you a lot of happiness. The memories that you can look back on will be priceless.

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