How to remove stains from your chopping board

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Tired of icky looking chopping boards? Avoid them by making sure you do the following: read this for tips on how to remove stains from your chopping board.

For your family’s health, you should regularly clean and disinfect your plastic or wooden chopping boards.

Especially because these can be easily stained by various food.

To get your chopping boards looking like new again, all you need are lemons and salt.  Calamansi works, too!

imageHow to remove stains from your chopping board

1. Sprinkle salt on the chopping board.

image2. Using lemon, squeeze the juice and scrub the surface of the chopping board.

image3. Leave for 20 minutes, and then scrape away the grey dirty liquid.

image4. Rinse the chopping board with a clean sponge. The acid of the lemon works on the tough food stains while the salt helps exfoliate the surface.


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