What responsibilities should you give your nanny after you give birth?

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For some mothers, having a nanny is a necessity. Here's what you need to know.

Getting a nanny is pretty helpful especially if you’re a first-time mom. Having a good nanny that you can trust ensures that your child will be well taken-cared of.

Once you find a good nanny, you can let her take care of the baby whenever you’re at work, or any time that you’re not at home. These tasks include feeding the baby, bathing, and watching your baby while he/she sleeps. If you’re breastfeeding, you also need to ensure that your child has enough breastmilk, so it’s best to pump in advance to have adequate supply.

If your child has any specific needs, be sure to instruct your nanny with taking care of your baby. Keep in mind that the nanny will mainly act as a helper for whenever you’re at work or if you’re busy doing other tasks. Nannies can’t act as a replacement for a mother.

Once you get home ,or during your days off, it’s best to take care of your baby yourself instead of letting your nanny do it. This is necessary since at a very young age, babies need to understand that even if they have a nanny, you are their primary caregiver and that they can depend on you to take care of them.

Taking care of your baby yourself also familiarizes the baby with the sight of you as well as your smell. If possible, use breastfeeding as a bonding activity for you and your baby. While taking care of your baby, let your nanny help with other tasks as preparing your baby’s bottles for sterilizing, preparing your baby’s water for bathing, preparing a change of clothes for after bathing, as well as washing any of your child’s soiled garments.

In some cases, depending on your setup with your nanny, they can also help a bit with the housework. This saves you a lot of stress since you’ll have another set of hands to take care of the household while you take care of your baby.

Another important thing would always be to leave emergency numbers with your nanny including any poison control, or emergency service number. Make sure to call your nanny every so often just to check up on your baby.

Make sure to treat your nanny with respect and we’re sure that they’ll return the favor in kind. It’s best to look for a nanny from a reputable agency so that you can have the best possible childcare for your newborn.

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