Motivate your child to excel with these easy-to-use reward charts!

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Motivate your child to do better in school and at home with these fun and easy-to-use reward charts for kids!

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Fun and easy-to-use reward charts for kids!

Children are known to thrive when motivated and when praised. It isn't a matter of spoiling your child, it is a matter of recognizing a good act when they commit one and giving them due praise until such behavior becomes second nature. Here are a few colorful charts that you and your child will find easy to use for different scenarios:

1. Foster your child's inner book worm with this cute Dr. Seuss download, available here.


2. Fill in this chart with chores that you encourage your child to complete every day and tick when accomplished! Download here.

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3. Give your child a friendly reminder to brush their teeth, to shower and to practice good hygiene! Download here


4. For your little toddlers, here's a cute reward chart that they'll be encouraged to fill up! Put in things like "I will try to share my toys", "be nice to my siblings", "I will try not to shout" and more. Download here.


5.  Another reward chart that toddlers will love is this jungle chart. Instead of ticking off the boxes when a task has been completed, you can encourage your child to place an animal sticker. Download here.


More downloads...


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Garfield chores chart courtesy of

Motivate your child to excel with these easy-to-use reward charts!

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charts for kids

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Download this cute household chores chart here.

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