Are you aware of you and your family's rights as airline passengers?

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The Air Passenger Bill of Rights is very important for everyone to know and understand because it helps people know what they're entitled to as passengers.

Did you know that if your flight gets delayed by 3 hours, you’re entitled to either avail of refreshments or meals from the airline? Read on to learn more about your rights as airline passengers!

1. Right to be processed for check-in

In a nutshell, this means that if you’re in the designated area at least within an hour of departure, or if it’s still within the prescribed time that the airline has set, then you can’t be considered a no-show.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can afford to be a bit late, it’s still a good idea to make sure that you go early to the airport just in case anything comes up.

2. Right to sufficient processing time

This enables passengers to have the right to be processed before their flight in a timely manner. Also included here would be prioritizing PWD’s, senior citizens, and anyone who needs special assistance.

Additionally, parents who are traveling with infants and kids would get additional time for boarding their flights, or check-ins etc.

3. Right to board aircraft for the purpose of flight

You cannot be denied entrance to the aircraft without your consent. Though, there are exceptions, such as because of overbooking, or due to legal concerns.

This means that if you or your family get kicked out of a flight for an unexplained reason, then you can file a complaint since there’s no basis for you to be removed from the flight.

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4. Right to compensation and amenities in case of cancellation of flight

Yup, you read that right! In case the flight gets cancelled, the airline company is required to notify you and either rebook or reimburse you for the flight.

This is also another reason why you should try and get to the airport early, so that in case the flight gets cancelled in advance, you’ll know it early on and you can plan accordingly.

5. Right to compensation and amenities in case of flight delay and exceptions thereto

If the flight is delayed by 3 hours, then you’re entitled to some refreshments, free phone calls, as well as rebooking/refunding the ticket or being endorsed to another airline.

If it’s a 6 hour delay, then it’s considered canceled, and you can avail of the compensation for cancelled flights. However, you can also opt to board the delayed flight if you want to.

It’s also important to prepare some snacks or toys for your kids to make sure that if there are any delays, and you don’t want to get a refund or to rebook your flight, then your kids won’t get bored or hungry.

6. Right to compensation for delayed, lost, and damaged baggage

Included in this section is your right as a passenger to be compensated for delayed luggage. For every 24 hours that your luggage is delayed, the airline has to pay you 2000 pesos.

If your baggage has been lost or has suffered damage, the airline is required to give you up to half the amount of the value of the luggage as compensation.

A good tip when it comes to your baggage would be to put a ribbon or any identifying marks on your baggage so that when you’re claiming your baggage, you won’t have a hard time finding yours.

7. Right to compensation in case of death or bodily injury of a passenger

This means that if you get injured, of if someone dies during the flight, then they will be compensated for what happened. Hopefully, you won’t have to use this one!

It’s also important to keep safe during the flight. Make sure to follow all of the safety precautions from the flight attendants, and keep you and your family’s seatbelts fastened as long as the ‘fasten seatbelt’ light is flashing.

8. Right to immediate payment of compensation

This basically means that in case of compensation, the airline must provide the payment either at the air carrier’s counters at the date when the incident happened, or at the main office of the airline, depending on the passenger’s discretion.

You can be provided either with cash, a check, or a document which can be used to claim the benefits or compensation.

So if the airline denies you your compensation, or if it seems that they’re trying to delay it, you can file a complaint against the airline since it’s well within your rights as a passenger to receive immediate compensation.

Here is a link to the infographic created by the DOTC and the DTI.


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