Where should you place your baby's carseat?

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Most new parents are faced with the question---what is the safest location for infant carseat? Experts advise you about the same in this article.

A baby carseat is a literal lifesaver for your child. There’s plenty of information out there about how to correctly strap your child in one and how to install the carseat too. But parents, it’s equally important to know where the safest location for infant carseat in your vehicle is. 

Safest location for infant carseat, according to experts

Sarah Tilton is Britax’s Child Passenger Safety Technician and Immediate Past Chair of the National Child Passenger Safety Board. She shares more about the safest location for infant carseat in your car: “The rear center seating position is perceived to be the safest from the perspective that it’s furthest from lateral impact on either side.”

She adds that the width of the center seating position in your car can affect the proper installation of the carseat. The size can interfere with the access to the buckles for people who are sitting in the window seats. This is important if you have more than one kid travelling with you. 

Speaking about the safest location for infant carseat, Sarah says:

A car seat in the center may overlap in to the outboard seating position so that a second car seat cannot be properly installed. We don’t want a toddler feeding goldfish to a newborn. Any of these would require the use of an outboard seating position which provides a safe position.” She also adds that a properly installed car seat in an outboard seating position is safer than a poor installation in a center position.

Using a car seat for your little one

safest location for infant carseat

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Car seats for children can keep your little one safe in an accident. While you may place your child in a car seat, it is ideal to also have an adult sit with them in the back. But when you can’t do that, you can keep a few safety tips in mind.

  • Different types of car seats, like infant, toddler, and booster seats, are available in the market. Use an appropriate seat for your child. 
  • Fasten the safety seat securely with the help of safety belts in the car. Ensure that the child is properly strapped. 
  • In case your car has active airbags, never put a rearward-facing baby seat in the front. In the case of an accident, the airbags will push the seat forcefully and that will put your baby at great risk.  
  • Avoid putting your little one in the rear seat with the door that faces the road (the left rear seat, behind the driver).
  • If you place your child in the middle seat, using a diagonal safety belt is the best option. If the diagonal belt is not available, check the child seat for a lap belt. When both these belts are not available, avoid using this position. 
  • The right rear seat is the best option after the middle rear seat. It also opens to the pavement, meaning, getting out of the car is safer.  

Child lock and central lock facility

When your little one is a bit older, they get very curious about their environment. You will find them wanting to explore anything and everything around them. 

Your car’s door may not be an exception to this. What can help you in such situations is a child lock and central lock facility. When the child lock in your car is active, the passengers in the rear seats cannot open the doors. But the child lock can be opened from outside.

So, whether the car is in moving or in one place, your little one cannot open the door. In case you need to seat an older child in the front seat, a central lock system can be of great help.


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