Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez are having another baby boy!

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The happy couple made the announcement at a fun gender reveal party attended by their beloved family and friends!

Zion is having a little brother! The celebrity couple shared the happy news that they will soon be welcoming another son.

They made the announcement at a fun gender reveal party, surrounded by their friends and loved ones.

The blooming mom shared a video of her and fiance Richard, pulling a balloon and a pinata, which released blue confetti!

In the post's caption, Sarah shared that they, too, were surprised. With the help of her OB-gynecologist the couple managed to make it a secret...even from them. No wonder they look so suprised in the clip!

"We're having a boy!" wrote Lahbati in the post. "We decided to not know the gender until today! Thanks to my doctor, Alexa Gutierrez, for coordinating and keeping it a secret from us! P.S. it’s hard keeping secrets from me. Good job!!"

"Lord, thank You for blessing us abundantly," she wrote in another post. "I am growing another baby boy and I’m so happy and excited for the future!!!"

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Shortly before their gender reveal, Lahbati told theAsianparent Philippines that the gender doesn't matter as long as their little one is healthy.

"I feel like people are more excited with the gender," she said, laughing. "Any gender would be fine as long as my baby's healthy, that's the most important thing.

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