Scarlet Snow cries after she sees lechon being chopped!

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Scarlet Snow has once again gone viral! This time, she can be seen crying after seeing lechon being chopped by a waiter at a party.

Scarlet Snow Belo is most definitely an animal lover! Recently, Dra. Vicki Belo's youngest daughter was caught on video crying after she saw a lechon being chopped during a party!

Scarlet Snow: "Don't hurt the pig!"

Scarlet quickly burst into tears after she saw a waiter chopping a lechon. In the video, Scarlet says, "I'm going to tell the kuya not to... Oh, he's hurting the pig again!"

Her yaya, who was carrying her, then took her closer to the waiter. She then told the waiter, "Don't do it again," and added, "Look, he's owie!"

Dra. Vicki added that Scarlet said that the pig whispered to her, and she wanted to check if the pig was okay.

After seeing the video, some netizens were amazed by Scarlet's compassion for animals, with some even adding that she might be a "future vegetarian" someday!

Check out the video below!


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