5 Easy ways to make your family staycation unforgettable

Gearing up for rainy days and long weekends by planning a fun staycation for the whole family? We've got just the perfect place in mind!

Imagine curling up in bed, or ordering pizza as you enjoy your favorite movies with your loved ones. Who says fun staycations are just for the summer months? If you ask us, staying in is a great idea all year round.

We found just the place for a fun staycation outside the city: a charming, lakeside hotel in Laguna, in the heart of a vibrant eco-city, that the whole family can enjoy.

Here’s how to make staying at Seda Hotel Nuvali with your loved ones even more memorable!

1. Disconnect from work and reconnect

Admit it: staying in or long weekends are often viewed as opportunities to catch up on work. There’s nothing wrong with this, but bonding with your family should be a priority, too! In fact, it’s been found that disconnecting digitally can help you reconnect emotionally.

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2. Board games!

A good way to bond without technology is gathering around a table and playing your favorite board games, like Monopoly or Scrabble, which enhance social skills, foster kids’ attention span, stimulate learning, and promote bonding. Most of all, it’s super fun!

3. Feast without counting calories

Taking a break from your busy schedule can also mean pressing pause on your diet! Indulge in what you’ve been craving at Seda’s Misto buffet, which means “mixed” in Italian, to enjoy a buffet with a wide array of choices for the whole family.

4. Be productive while relaxing

Take in the stunning landscape surrounding this lakeside hotel and then enjoy some pampering at their spa with your kids. Looking to get more active? Seda Nuvali also has a hotel gym, which will give you the chance to get fit with the whole family.

5. Take a break from staying in

Break your routine and try something fun and exciting. For instance, you can try wakeboarding, a sport Nuvali has become known for in recent years. You can also try out the many jogging and biking paths.

Engage in some tai chi, yoga, or simply wind down by having a picnic on the sprawling greenery.  To feel even more at one with nature, take a water taxi ride, feed the koi fish, or learn at the wildlife and bird sanctuary.

Seda Nuvali is located at Evozone Ave, NUVALI, Santa Rosa, 4026 Laguna.

To check their availability and prices, contact (049) 255 8888 or visit the Seda Hotel Nuvali official website.

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