Selfless boy asked Santa for an unusual Christmas wish

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A Christmas wish that wasn't for someone he personally knew.

Instead of asking for all sorts of presents, a 4-year old surprised his aunt Rebekah Sharpe when she took him to see Santa. The boy, Prestyn Barnette, asked Santa to pray with him for a baby boy who is fighting to live, a baby he does not even know personally.

Prestyn heard about the baby's medical condition from his grandmother's Facebook prayer group. Knox Stine has been in the hospital since November 30 and recently underwent a tracheotomy surgery.

Santa agreed to the unusual request and the Instagram photo of them praying together has touched those who saw it. It's not everyday that someone asks Santa for a prayer.

The family of Knox have expressed their thanks and even bought Prestyn his other Christmas wish - a train set.

They shared, "We don't even have words to express how we feel, and how thankful we are. We have confidence and we have faith that God is going to work a miracle for Knox."

If you're playing Santa this Christmas, why not tell your children that they get to ask for one toy and one prayer? Their prayer may just be the miracle that someone else is waiting for.

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