Pamper your wife with a sensual massage using these tips!

Pamper your wife with a sensual massage using these tips!

Let your wife indulge in a soothing, sensual massage after a long, tiring day by following these simple tips...

Nothing beats a luxurious spa day, except maybe a loving massage from the one you love. Treat your wife to this by learning quick, simple ways to pamper her.

Massage, or better yet sensual massages, offer her pleasure and comfort after a long, exhausting day. The mere fact that you’re taking the time to forego your own relaxation time to be totally focused on her will make her feel truly special.

Before beginning the massage, be sure to set the mood. Make sure your wife is in a comfortable position. You can dim the lights, light some candles or turn on a lamp. Ask her to lie down on a firm, but comfy surface. Choose soothing music and find massage oils she prefers.

You can do shiatsu (using thumbs to apply pressure), compression, stroking (long, gentle movements using palms or thumbs), or kneading (perfect for the buttocks area)

Now, you can begin…

1. Head massage

This usually doesn’t require oil. Have your wife lay back on a pillow on you and rub her temples and forehead. Rub her scalp slowly, applying the amount of pressure she likes. Rub her ears, too, as they are pleasurable, erogenous zones. Do this for about 5-10 minutes.

2. Neck, Shoulder, and Back Massage

Have her lie face down for this. Apply oil onto your hands to warm it up and then rub her bare back, you can use long strokes, then shiatsu and kneading on her neck and shoulders. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, so as not to cause further discomfort. Do this for about 10-15 minutes.

Pamper your wife with a sensual massage using these tips!

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3. Buttocks massage

Doing this is also a great kind of foreplay, as the buttocks is a sensitive, erotic area. Massage in circular movements, pinching certain areas lightly and then push up and around in kneading motions. It’s up to you and your wife how long you want to stay in this area, but 5 minutes is usually enough.

4. Hand and foot massage

The hands and feet are highly sensitive and they are also considered “maps of the body.” For the hands, start with her wrists and work your way outwards, using your thumbs, to her fingertips. When you get to her feet, use the same shiatsu-like technique, starting from the heel going up. Try to be gentle, but also listen to her when it comes to how much pressure she enjoys.

Pamper your wife with a sensual massage using these tips!

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5. Leg massage

Give her tired thighs and calves the TLC they deserve using your fingertips to apply pressure. Assist her to lie on her back and be careful not to put too much pressure on the knee cap area to prevent injury.

6. Chest massage

If she’s open to it, you can give your wife a breast massage. Apply gentle pressure in circular motions, while listening to her instruction or following her body language. Finish by stroking her nipples, squeezing gently, if you want to turn it into foreplay. According to Men’s Health, you can even give her an orgasm through a breast massage.

Have you tried pampering your beloved wife with a well-deserved massage? We hope these tips help!

sources:, Men’s Health

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