How to Set-up a DIY Dessert Table

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A trend that fast became a fixture in birthday parties and other fetes big and small, the dessert table has certainly found its sweet spot in Pinoy celebrations. Monica Arcinue of teaches us how to DIY one, here.

Parties nowadays won’t be complete without dessert tables. From baptisms to kiddie parties, even to weddings, dessert tables have become a staple in the party scene. I, for one, am a fan of it! So today I’m sharing with you my step-by-step process in making a drool-worthy dessert table, plus some DIY styling tips here and there! Oh but before that, watch how we styled a simple sweets table in the video below!

You’ll probably say it just looks easy on videos. Well, it is easy in real life too! I promise not to give you over-the-top “tips” on how to come up with an elaborate party spread. We’ll focus on DIY-ableachievable and making-a-dessert-table-without-breaking-the-bank tips! Here goes:

1. Pick a theme or color scheme. This helps narrow down the things you’ll need. Trust me, you’ll see a lot of pretty things from your home, the party stores, etc. and you’d want to use them all. Having a theme and color scheme helps you decide what you should use for your dessert table and what to save for the next one. In the video above, I didn’t necessarily have a theme, but just focused on pink and gold (and white) elements.

2. Find a bare or blank wall.  The less busy, the better! This way, you can create your own backdrop without irrelevant objects getting in the way of your set-up. More on backdrops later, but another way to approach this is – integrate the backdrop with your set-up. In the tropical party below, I used the plants as the backdrop because we didn’t have a bare wall to set-up against. {more of this party here}


3. Create a Backdrop. Having a backdrop helps define the space and adds depth to your party spreads. It frames your table and, yes, they make photos Instagram and Pinterest-friendly! There’s a myriad of backdrops you can choose from that you can DIY but there are also ready-made things you can buy and use like fabric or shower curtains or dividers (like in the video!)
4. Dress-up your table. We have to break this down to several parts, but for starters, the easiest way to decorate a table is to have some sort of symmetry – start with a focal point in the center, working your way out with elements mirrored on each side. The dessert spread of our diner party is one example of how to achieve this look.

You can always go the asymmetrical route and decide to have a focal point on one side, like what I did with the cake on the spread below. The tower of donuts on the opposite side balances the look, making it visually appealing. {more of this party here}

On the next page: decor elements.

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