5 Tips to sex when sharing a room with kids

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Kids and sex - when your kid is asleep in your room for instance. What do you do, here are 5 tips to sex when sharing a room with kids!

Some people find the thought of sex with their kids in the same room appalling while for others it’s just a matter of fact. Sure, you know the horror of being walked in on.

How would you explain it to your kids? So here, we talk about alternatives and how to make sex work in situations such as these (if you opt to do it while your kid is sleeping in the same room, that is).

1. Anywhere but the room

Here’s your chance to get creative and do it anywhere in the house but your bed. Start in the living room sofa and take it to the kitchen and work your way up the staircase.

Just keep it down—make sure you don’t wake the kid(s) up. Tip: You could keep your clothes on and if they walk in on you just say, “Oh, mommy and daddy are just wrestling for fun. Don’t worry no one gets hurt—it’s just a friendly match.”

2. Time for quickies

When you hear your kid breathing rhythmically and deeply—that is your cue to go for it and make it fast.

A member of The Mommy Club, Amanda Chalynn speaks of her experience: “We did with a sleeping infant. My hubby works weird hours, and we take advantage of the time we're together! Bad as it sounds, when he was two we would wheel his high chair into the living room and give him a graham cracker while we had a quickie.”

3. Be discreet

We do not recommend that you act all wild and loud. So even if your older kids walk in on you there isn’t a huge issue, just make sure that you’re quiet and covered always—if you opt for the bedroom and on the bed option.

4. Alternative teaching to nudity

Here’s an interesting concept to teach your kid about their bodies and nudity. One mommy, who posted anonymously on , had an interesting approach to the whole idea of nakedness.

She shared: “We've had sex many times with our babies under age 1 in our room, and our older kids regularly see both of us naked and are not disturbed by the image as we've been very open about bodies and that our bodies are for only showing to ourselves, our family and our doctor.”

She added: “They've been taught that certain things are meant for only in the home, and that we express different types of love with different people and in different situations. My husband and I also regularly sleep naked, so for us it's all a relative situation to the ages and stages of our family. Sure it's not for everyone, but I can't see how it's hurting anyone either.”

5. Move them out of the room

When they are grown up enough to sleep on their own, it’s better that you move them out so that you can have some privacy. Your marriage may suffer if intimacy has taken the back seat ever since the arrival of your child.

Michael, father of one says: “If you still have a baby then there is no harm, as long as you don't wake her/him. If your kid is older than 4/5, he/she might be traumatized for a while when hearing 'strange sounds'.”

He added: “In my humble opinion, they should have their own room straight after birth...that is why they invented the 'baby monitor' and the parents can finally get some private time to hanky panky (again).”

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