The one person you should sexually fantasise about, according to research

The one person you should sexually fantasise about, according to research

Any guesses?

We're all adults reading this, and so, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that having sexual fantasies is common among married couples and is good for your sex lives. But who do you fantasise about? Is it the hot porn star in the movie you and your partner watched together? Perhaps it's your ex? Or the woman/man who passed you on the street?

Well, you can forget about all of these people. If the latest research on sexual fantasy psychology is anything to go by, fantasising about your partner is good for your relationship. Yes, you read that right!

According to researchers at Israel's Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, sexually fantasising about your partner can help you work on "relationship-promoting activities." These acts could be sexual and even non-sexual in nature, and help to further cement the relationship, not just in bed.

sexual fantasy psychology

Sexual fantasy psychology reveals the truth about relationships!

The said study titled "What Fantasies Can Do to Your Relationship: The Effects of Sexual Fantasies on Couple Interactions" was published by the interdisciplinary center in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin on August 18, this year.

The authors wanted to dig deeper into how exactly "sexual fantasising affects the relationship [between couples]."

What did they do?

The team divided their research cohort into four parts. They then studied how relationships were affected by dyadic fantasies (sexual fantasies about one's partner).

They instructed one group to dream about their partners and the other to dream about strangers. The participants were also instructed to note down their dreams.

  • Over the course of the study to understand their sexual fantasy psychology, they found that people who fantasised about their partners were more likely to engage in sexual or non-sexual acts with them.

The third and fourth groups helped the researchers to understand why dyadic fantasies helped people cement their relationships further.

  • They found that dyadic fantasies helped them see their partner's enhanced appeal.
  • Any negative perceptions about the relationship also diminished.
  • The test also helped both partners to see what they had been missing and appreciate each other even more.

This sexual fantasy psychology study comes as a refreshing eye-opener for couples, some of whom felt distanced from each other. It also suggests ways in which one can revive their relationship and add spice to it.

sexual fantasy psychology

Sexual fantasies play a crucial role in further cementing a relationship

Incidentally, this research comes close on the heels of another similar 2017 study. It proved that partners who were more satisfied with each other, were also more open about their sexual fantasies.

As Kelly McDonnell-Arnold, a sexologist and relationship therapist told Bustle, "In my experience, partners who talk openly about their fantasies tend to have good communication, solid trust, and more excitement, which leads to great sex and nourishing relationships."

"This is the result of just the right combination of safety and risk," he added.

Both these studies are proof that if you want to work on your relationship, you have the power. And that you must always keep your partner close to your heart.

But you don't just have to sexually fantasise about your partner. If you are a bit adventurous, you can even try new toys in your bedroom. Read here to know how you can make your own sex toys at home and take your sex life to a whole new level.


Source: Medical Daily

Feature & lead image courtesy: Pixabay

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