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LOOK: Sharon Cuneta confidently flaunts a new figure!

The Mega star and mom of four, who's preparing for a new hosting gig, is mega proud of her weight loss transformation! Check out her latest photos, below!

Sharon Cuneta has had to endure a lot over the past few years when it comes to being pressured to lose weight, but the veteran actress and devoted mom has taken it all in stride.

Now she is proudly showing off a slimmer figure. She flaunted her stunning transformation by sharing a recent photo of herself on her Facebook account.

photos: Facebook and Google photos: Facebook and Google

Looking stunning in a strapless dress with a lace bodice, Sharon is noticeably glowing and confident. She got all dolled up for the pictorial and VTR shoot for her upcoming show "Your Face Sounds Familiar" Kids Edition.

"This is [an] unretouched, unedited photo, okay?" wrote the Mega Star in the post's caption, where she also took time to promote her latest hosting gig.

"I never let my physical obstacles that I had been carrying on my back — I never let those define me. Pero nahiya ako sa fans ko..."

photo: Facebook photo: Facebook

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She opens up further in an interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda.

"I did what I had to do. Kasi nung napanood ko iyong sarili ko sa birthday special ng 'ASAP' for me, I was shocked. I felt small," confided Sharon in the show's host, Boy Abunda, who also happens to be a close friend. "I never let my physical obstacles that I had been carrying on my back — I never let those define me. Pero nahiya ako sa fans ko. As an actress, you're supposed to keep yourself looking like a leading lady and apparently I had really crossed the line. And that was a real wake-up call."

photo: Facebook photo: Facebook

Sharon recounted how, even after trying several diet programs and liposuction, she still couldn't achieve the weight loss she desired. But finally, she found an "all-natural" diet that worked for her. Though she chose not to elaborate on it for now.

"I wanted to challenge myself. I said, 'Can you do it? Yes, you can. Test your willpower. You know who you are inside. You've been through things worse than this. Taba lang ito.' So before the 'ASAP' tribute, I have gained more than 30 pounds nang hindi ko alam. So from January until now, I've lost 66 pounds," proudly shared the mom of four.

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