7 Signs that your husband will never cheat on you

If your husband shows these 7 signs, then you can be sure that he will never, ever cheat on you!

1. Your husband is not afraid to speak his mind

If your husband tells you stories about his day, what his opinions are on things, and how he feels about certain topics of discussion without hesitating, or trying to change his opinion then you know that you can trust your husband, since he's honest in telling you what's on his mind.

2. He lets you know that he feels loved

Feeling loved is a way for your husband to feel secure and safe in the relationship, and is an assurance that he will never look for love outside your marriage.

3. His friends are also faithful people

"Birds of the same feather, flock together." The same can be said for people, as if your husband surrounds himself with people whom you can trust, and you're sure won't lead him into vices or temptation, then you'll be sure that you can trust your husband to not cheat on you.

Good people don't let their friends do bad things, or become bad people, so you need to value your husband's true friends, as they will be the ones to help keep him on the straight and narrow!

4. He has never lied to you

Lying destroys the trust in a relationship. And once that trust is broken, it's extremely difficult to mend things and take it back to the way things used to be.

5. You're his best friend, as well as his true love

Being his best friend means that you're someone that's very important to him, and being his true love means that he'll always be loyal to you. Being assured of these things would definitely let you know that your husband won't ever cheat on you.

6. He shows his appreciation

If your husband lets you know every day just how thankful he is to have you as his wife, then you know he'll never cheat on you. He makes an extra effort to make you feel loved and wanted, and he always makes it a point to tell you that he loves you.

7. He looks at you in a special way

You know that look, the look that tells you he's crazy in love with you and he just absolutely adores you, and loves being with you. It's that look that you saw when he first told you that he loves you, and the look he had when he asked you to marry him.

That's the look that lets you know your husband won't ever leave you, and he will never even think of cheating on you.

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