Mom threatens to jump off 40th floor—with her baby

Mom threatens to jump off 40th floor—with her baby

Police negotiators and firefighters were called in to convince the woman

Stressed mothers can turn to drastic actions, though the reasons may not always be clear. But often signs of suicide in women show up long before an incident. Sometimes, we just need to know the signs. 

Mother threatens to jump off ledge with baby

signs of suicide in women

Source: South China Morning Post

Recently, a woman with baby threatened to leap off the 40th floor window ledge in Hong Kong.

Reports say the woman was distressed and emotional while being confronted on the ledge. She had threatened to jump off with the baby.

Police and firefighters were called in to scene in the afternoon to speak to the woman after she refused to reenter her home.

An air cushion was positioned below the building by firefighters, and rescue personnel were on standby in case of emergency. The area was cordoned off from the public.

After a four-hour standoff, the woman finally agreed to re-enter the building.

Signs of suicide in women

signs of suicide in women

Watch out for these signs of suicide in women (which can be found in men as well). | Source: File photo

Did you know – in Singapore, suicide costs more lives than transport accidents?

Most times, suicide warning signs aren’t clear as day. The Samaritans of Singapore believe you should ask this yourselves, “What is he or she going through?” when you see your loved one’s relationship gone sour, going between jobs, or things don’t seem to go their way.

Putting yourself in your loved one’s shoes can be a starting indicator of what he or she is feeling in this troubled time. Pay close attention to their emotional, physical and mental state – the more you speak to them, the more you might find these signs of suicide in women:

These events are happening/have happened her life:

  • Tried to commit suicide, or family has history of suicide
  • Has history of abuse (usually sexual)
  • In trying and stressful life conditions such as divorce, relationship problems, legal issues, between jobs, sudden financial loss, or avoiding others

Talking about stuff like…

  • Feeling burdensome to others, “My husband and children will have a happier life if I wasn’t around”
  • Feeling trapped or in pain, “Honestly, I don’t see any point in living anymore”
  • Threatening suicide, “I want to kill myself because I don’t feel any love from anyone”

Doing things like…

  • Researching ways to commit suicide
  • Writing suicide notes. Can be in a letter, e-mail, blog
  • Calling out friends and family to giveaway to say goodbye and give away their treasured items
  • Seeking ways to obtain weapons like a gun, or a lot of medication like pills

Expressing feelings like…

  • No longer has interest in hobbies/activities/things they like to do
  • Severe mood changes, like bring very easy to anger, irritated, reckless and sad
  • Anxiety and humiliation

When someone is feeling suicidal, friends and family are often the first ones to catch these warning signs. They might look trivial or you might not catch these signs clearly, but it is still there.

If you know someone close to the person, discuss your concerns and find out how they feel as well. More heads are better than one, and all of you can work together to help the suicidal person in need.

signs of suicide in women

You’re not alone. The first step is to reach out for help when you’re feeling suicidal | Source: File photo

But if you’re feeling suicidal, know that you’re not alone. Speak to your loved ones or someone you trust. They will be shocked at first, but they will surely want to help.


Source: South China Morning Post, Samaritans of Singapore

Republished with permission from The Asian Parent Singapore

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