9 Signs that you’ve got an amazing husband

9 Signs that you’ve got an amazing husband

Here's a list of characteristics that amazing husbands have. Does your husband fit the bill?

If you've been married for a long time, chances are that you'll sometimes feel that your husband acts differently compared to when you were dating. It's normal for couples to experience a plateau in the romance, but for the most part, if your husband fits most of the items on this list, then congratulations! You've got yourself an amazing husband.

1 .Your husband keeps himself neat and hygienic at all times

Though, he doesn’t need to go to a salon to get it done. He just does everything by himself.

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2 . He still laughs at your jokes

He’s sincere when he laughs at your jokes, and he doesn’t do it just to humor you. He genuinely appreciates your attempts to make him laugh.

3 . He sends you texts, but he still knows that face to face conversation is best for your relationship

He texts you whenever he's out of town, or if he's out with his friends, but he always makes it a point to have a meaningful face-to-face conversation with you as often as he can.

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4. He still takes you out on dates

He still loves taking you out, and he'll make up any excuse just to go on a date with you.

5 . Most of your arguments are healthy debates

He respects your opinions, and is very open-minded. He has strong opinions, but he’s never one to impose them on others, especially you.

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6. He opens the door for you and helps you carry the groceries

He wants to help you out not because he thinks you're weak, but because he wants to make you feel comfortable and cared for.

7 . He doesn’t feel intimidated if you’re more successful than him

In fact, your husband supports you in everything that you do and he knows that your success is also his success.

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8 . He knows what he wants in life

Your husband taken the time to get to know himself, and understand what he wants to do, where he wants to be, and he’s honest and open about it with you.

9 . He genuinely, truly loves you

And that's what matters most right? When your husband loves you, flaws and all, then you know for sure that you have an amazing husband!

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