4 Simple things you can do to make your husband better

4 Simple things you can do to make your husband better

You might not have the perfect husband, nor the best one. But we're sure that if you do these things, your husband will be well on his way to being amazing.

Let's face it, everyone makes mistakes. Even if you have a wonderful husband, chances are that there are some things about your husband that could use some improvement. In most cases, your husband might not take too well to being criticized, but if you follow these 4 simple things, we're sure that your husband can be the best that he can be. These tips were adapted from an original article written by Matthew Hussey.

1. Avoid labels

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Avoid calling your husband lazy, a liar, or a loser. Your husband will start thinking that he is indeed one of those things, and it will make it harder for him to change, and it may even reinforce it in his mind. What you should do instead of saying it outright is to explain your feelings further.

Let's say that your husband was not able to keep a promise that he made to you. Instead of calling him out on what he did, you can instead tell him that you were disappointed in him because he has kept his promises in the past. Always give your husband some room to feel that he can be better.

2. Reinforce his best moments

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Celebrate the small victories. If he buys you some chocolates just because he wanted to, make sure that he feels that you're very grateful for it. If he fixes something in the house without you asking him to fix it, then give him a big hug and thank him for taking care of your house. Showing your husband that your appreciation with these small acts of gratitude will make him feel great and will most likely push him to do those things more frequently.

3. Set him up to win

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This one is all about giving your husband small clues and hints on what you want him to do, and it's called pre-framing. For example, if you want your husband to take you on a staycation somewhere for your anniversary, then a couple of weeks before your anniversary, you can tell him about some nice hotels that your friends have went to, and how a staycation might be a nice thing to do so that you can have a nice weekend out.

4. Make it about your joy, not his failure

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If you feel that your husband is not working hard enough to provide for your family or if you feel that he's not showing enough effort in your relationship, you can tell him that it is important for you as well as your well-being that you feel provided for and taken care of. Make it so that he changes himself in order to make you happy, since if your husband really cares about you, he will do anything and everything to improve your life as well as your standard of living.

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