The 2 Best ways to make sure your marriage remains rock solid

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Continue to deepen intimacy and strengthen your marriage by keeping these two habits

There are many ways to deepen your love and strengthen your bond with your spouse. Relationship experts offer tip after tip---from gestures to spark the romance to different ways to fire up intimacy in the bedroom. But there are two very important things couples must never take for granted. They may be obvious and seemingly easy but you will be surprised how much couples often forget to make these gestures a habit.

Here are two of the most important ways to help make sure your relationship stays strong and unbreakable.

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1. Never stop flirting with your spouse

The butterflies don't have to fade as the responsibilities of daily life set in. You don't have to settle for the boring and lackluster when you can ramp up the romance each day. You don't have to go for grand, expensive gestures, because sweet, thoughtful words and actions go a long way. Be generous with compliments and touch them lovingly.

Flirting with your spouse is so important because it helps keep things fun and exciting even after you have been together for years. This makes them feel desired and it boosts their self-esteem. Why not leave love notes or send sweet texts throughout the day? They say "surprise gifts" no matter how simple can be truly meaningful. Get creative and strive to be more attentive and thoughtful. With continued flirting, there also must be constant wooing. Make your better half feel like you are constantly trying to win them over.

2. Make dating a habit

Though this may seem like a no-brainer, some couples actually forget to go on regular dates. Dating is not just an essential part of a budding marriage, it is an important part of deepening intimacy. Making time and putting in effort even if you have been together for a long time helps preserve the romance, as well as enliven it if it is somewhat waning.

Choose one day---or even one meal---per week for focused togetherness. You can even have a dinner date inside your home, with uninterrupted conversation, with no gadgets to distract you. Leave the kids with in-laws or trusted relatives and friends for the night and just be together. Checking in once in a while is so important in marriage because life can get overwhelming and reassuring one another that you are in this together will help you face whatever comes as a team.


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