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Simply saying 'sorry' can do wonders for your marriage. Here's why

Most relationships begin with three little words, but maintaining that loving relationship often takes just one.

Most relationships begin with three little words, but maintaining that loving relationship often takes just one.

Saying you're sorry can seem like an easy thing to do, but why don't we hear it enough?

Here are some reasons why love means often having to say you're sorry, according to Dr. Margaret Rutherford.

1. Saying sorry shows you acknowledge your action's effects

What we say or do affects others. Even if you don't intend to hurt, there will be times that you will. By apologizing, you're acknowledging that your words and behavior impact others.

This self-awareness assures your partner that you're mature and that you will do your best to avoid hurting them in the future.

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2. Saying sorry strengthens your relationship

Apologizing is an important part of building trust. Taking responsibility makes your partner feel secure. Saying sorry even for little things, like having to skip dinner because of work, makes your partner feel like they truly matter.

3. Saying sorry ends a vicious cycle of blame

Wanting to win every argument creates and endless toxic cycle of placing blame. This is not healthy. Saying sorry often makes your partner feel like they matter more to you than being right. Situations differ, so do our perceptions of it. It's important to know we shouldn't just say sorry to get things over with. We must genuinely show our partner we care and we want to keep our relationship blame-free and full of trust.

Saying sorry is just one of the many factors of a great relationship. Relationship experts Linda and Charlie Bloom believe healthy relationships are built upon  patience, compassion, vulnerability, commitment, and intentionality. With practice, sincerely saying you're sorry can become second nature.

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