WATCH: Single dad's hair-braiding skills shows daughter how much he loves her

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"It's not about the quality of the braid. It's about spending time with your girl."

Being a single dad to his lovely daughter Emma, Phillip Morgese has become used to caring for her on his own and this includes styling her hair.

More than just a change in hairstyle, this dad believes taking the time to lovingly braid her hair each day will change the way she views herself and the world around her.

He knows that this simple act can have a lasting impact on her self-confidence, and it also teaches her how men should treat her in the future, with nothing but love and care.

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He got so good at hair braiding that he decided to teach other dads his newly found skills. He shares that many dads stumble but he is quick to reassure them, saying, “It’s not about the quality of the braid. It’s about spending time with your girl.”

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screengrab: Youtube

“I do this so that her world is a better place,” says Phillip.

Just hearing him talk about how important he believes it is to share this with other dads will surely make your world a little brighter.

You can watch the entire video below.

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