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Single parents share their bad dating experiences and what you can learn from them

Even the worst dating experiences can teach us valuable lessons and help us "dodge bullets." So keep your chin up, single moms and dads!

Solo parenting comes with many struggles. For many single moms and dads, they need to work extra hard to earn a living and provide for their kids' needs, while being there for them emotionally.

But for single parents who want to find love again, come a new set of challenges. Here are some bad dating experiences parents shared online and what they learned from them.

For Kari S., hearing her date rant about a stranger and her kids was the ultimate deal-breaker.

"I went on a first date with a guy who'd just gotten back from a trip for work or something. Anyway, apparently he was seated next to a mom and baby. He spent literally 15 minutes talking about how awful it is to sit next to kids on a plane and how the kid was 'a brat' for crying and that the mom 'didn't shut him up.'" recounts Kari S. of Illinois, USA. "Um, no. I've been that mom, jackass. I am not here for a guy who is all about trashing a parent. I left before dessert." 

Mari C., a mom from New Mexico, USA, panicked when her toddler accidentally saw a sexy picture the guy she was dating sent!

"I had a guy who I was chatting with on a dating site send me a sexy picture -- unsolicited. And it came through when my kid was playing on my phone! YIKES!" she shared to The Stir. "Don't send a mom a clothing-optional picture unless she asks, okay, dudes? I don't want to have to explain THAT to my toddler."

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For single mom Michelle P., her habit of keeping her dating life private from her kids and ex-husband was messed up when her ex ran late on date night.

"I usually only go out on dates when my kids are with their dad. I'm taking things super slow when it comes to my kids' knowing that I'm dating," shared Michelle P. of Arizona, USA, recalling the time her ex and the guy she was dating met for the first time. "I planned to have him come over for dinner once the kids were with my ex. Well, of course this is the one time my ex is running late so he and my date arrived at the same time. It was so awkward. The kids were excited to see their dad but didn't get why this other guy was there. My date felt awkward. It was the worst."

For Sarai E., dating a fellow single parent didn't prove to be a great idea, after all.

"I went on a date with a single dad. He was cute and nice and we bonded over being a single parent. We bonded too much over that, actually," the Minessota-based mom confided to the Stir. "We ended up spending the whole date talking about our kids. Not very romantic at all. We ended up doing a playdate for the kids but we never went out again."

How about you, did your bad dating experiences teach you valuable lessons. Let us know in the comments below!

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