Six-year-old boy beats infant sister to death, but mom is facing charges

Authorities said that the van’s ceiling had been covered in blood, and that the infant was likely dead after Kathleen returned to the car.

Sibling rivalry is a common occurrence in families that have multiple children.

For two Fort Lauderdale siblings, however, there weren’t any love between them at all, especially after the six-year-old brother beat his newborn sister to death because she wouldn't stop crying.

While the boy won’t be facing criminal charges, his mother Kathleen Marie Steele will, says Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gulatieri.

According to a Yahoo! report, Kathleen went to a cellphone repair business in St. Petersburg, leaving her two children in the car—an infant and her six-year-old brother.

“The 6-year-old told investigators the baby started fussing and he tried to calm her,” the report says.

“But deputies said the boy later used a doll to show how he repeatedly slammed the infant’s head into the minivan’s ceiling, dropping her on the floor, flipping her over and pummeling her.”

When Kathleen returned to the car, her son tried telling her that something was wrong with the infant, but she ignored him and even stopped at a rental car company before heading home.

Authorities said that the van’s ceiling had been covered in blood, and that the infant was likely dead by the time Kathleen returned.

She only found out about her daughter's state after arriving home.

The sheriff said that the baby was beaten and received severe physical injuries from the beating. “There was gross swelling in her face," he said. "Her skull was cracked in numerous places.”

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Even after the discovery, Kathleen didn’t call 911. Instead she sought the help of a neighbor who also happened to be a nurse.

The neighbour immediately knew that the baby was dead, yet despite this still performed CPR until paramedics came.

Son spared, mother jailed

According to County Sheriff Gulatieri, the boy won’t face criminal charges, but his mother will.

“The mistake is with the adult, Kathleen Steele, not a 6-year-old boy,” he said.

When she appeared in for the first time in court, Kathleen only said that she understood the charges against her.

Meanwhile, her attorney Robert Love said he wouldn’t contest the state’s order for Steele to have no contact with children 18 or younger.

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