How to get some much needed sleep in the 3rd trimester

How to get some much needed sleep in the 3rd trimester

Not sure how to get that elusive 8 hours of peaceful slumber? Try these seven tricks!

In the months leading to childbirth, getting good sleep during pregnancy can become more and more of a struggle. Aside from the fact that getting in a good position to accommodate your growing bump is a feat in itself, you have to deal with heartburn, restlessness, as well as anxiety about labor and delivery.

Getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy

Though sleepless nights are a given as a parent, there is no reason you have to endure them when you’re preparing to bring a baby out into the world.

Here are a few things you can try that could help you get that elusive full eight hours…

Find a comfortable position

Sounds simple, right? But it can actually prove to be a challenge. One thing that can help is investing in pillows designed for moms-to-be, like a body or wrap-around pillow. Extra support for your growing belly could help get you situated in a position that does not cause strain, allowing you to drift off easily.

Sandwiching a pillow between your legs could help ease the pressure on your hips, too. Many moms-to-be prefer to have a pillow on their back. Find a way that works for you and your hubby.

Do not turn the light on when peeing

Your growing baby is now pressing on your bladder and there’s no measure that can keep you from getting up at night to pee, especially because you need to stay hydrated throughout pregnancy.

When getting up too late at night, it would help to maintain sleepiness. To do this, keep the lights off. You can even close your eyes while peeing. This may seem odd, but it can help you drift back to sleep more quickly. Just remember not to walk in the dark with your eyes closed, as you might trip and injure yourself.

Manage heartburn

One common symptom during this stage of pregnancy is heartburn. It can become so bothersome that it keeps some moms-to-be awake at night. To avoid this, steer clear of foods that are too greasy or spicy. Even overhydration or drinking too much water can cause heartburn.

Consult your doctor about safe antacids to take while pregnant. To get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy, it helps to lie down with your head elevated or to nap in a recliner to avoid reflux.

softdrinks during pregnancy

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Have a cup of tea or glass of milk

Chamomile tea can help soothe and relax moms-to-be. If this does not do the trick, try a warm glass of milk—add some cinnamon, honey, or nutmeg for added flavor. The tryptophan content of milk causes relaxation and sleepiness.

Make sure you’re tired before bedtime

This seems pretty obvious, but engaging in moderate exercise—walking, yoga, swimming, light aerobics—during the day can help ease you into sleep at night. What’s more, exercisng in your third trimester can get your body in shape for labor and delivery.

Make sure to stay calm and manage anxiety

As childbirth nears, it’s natural for moms-to-be to feel anxious. This can cause them to lie in bed, unable to “shut their brain off” and fall asleep. The key to lessening sleepless nights is to make an effort to calm yourself.

Taking a warm bath or shower can help relax you physically as well as mentally. A nice back massage could also help ease your worries as well as your aches and pains.

Take (the safe kind of) medication

Be sure to consult your doctor before taking pills to help you sleep. Some moms have used magnesium supplements to battle restlessness. However, it’s best to ask your doctor what sleep aid medications won’t harm you or your growing baby during pregnancy.


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