How does sleeping with a bra on affect your breasts?

How does sleeping with a bra on affect your breasts?

Can sleeping with a bra on affect breast size, shape, or perkiness? Read on to find out more.

Most of us learned that sleeping with a bra on is a no-no as early as puberty. Some say it causes breasts to sag, while some favour sleeping with a bra on because they believe it keeps their breasts shapely and perky.

So which is true? Should you or shouldn't you take your bra off before bed?

For starters, it is important to accept that breast sagging will happen to all women.

Our skin loses elasticity over time. So breast sagging is as inevitable as the future lines and wrinkles that will appear as we age.

Various factors contribute to breast sagging, such as pregnancy, sudden weight loss, breastfeeding, genetics, or vigorous activity or exercise.

Should you or shouldn't you take your bra off before bed?

Over time, gravity's downward pull causes breasts to sag, more so when they are larger in size.

When you lie down to sleep on your back or on your tummy, the opposite happens. Most sleeping positions push breast tissue and mass backwards, so sleeping with a bra on is unnecessary, if you want to maintain your breast's perkiness. Just remember that if you decide to keep your bra on at bedtime, make sure it is the kind with soft cups or bralettes.

sleeping with a bra on

However, there are health factors to consider if you choose to keep your bra on before bed.

Sleeping with a bra on may not prevent sagging but it can affect other parts of your body

The habit of sleeping with a bra on can compress breast tissue and it can also constrict blood flow to your vessels and muscles. This can also impede the lymph nodes around your breast and armpit, which are responsible for flushing out toxins from your body.

If your bra has an underwire, it could also cause discomfort and keep you from getting a good night's sleep. Restlessness can cause stress and not being able to sleep can make you moody and unproductive all day. What's more, if the wire or hooks of your bra straps are too constricting, they could cause darkening of certain areas, or what is known as hyperpigmentation.

We still sweat in our sleep so moisture can collect when you keep your bra on. Over time, it increases the risk of breast fungus, or an itchy fungal rash, particularly under the breast folds.

So there is no fixed rule against sleeping with a bra on. It is ultimately up to you. What's important is that you know the health risks and you know what measures to take against them if you decide to make this a nightly habit.

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