Devoted son desperate to save mother with aplastic anemia

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Aplastic anemia is a condition wherein the body fails to produce enough blood cells, putting the body at a high risk of infection.

Yolanda Piguerra, 53, has never been hospitalized. However, the onset of a sudden illness has left the mother-of-five desperately sick, and her family struggling to find a means to help her recover.

Her body has failed to develop enough blood cells

Yolanda was stricken with aplastic anemia, a condition wherein a person's body fails to develop enough blood cells, leaving the body weak, and prone to infection.

"It started in June last year when my mother noticed contusions on her body. She also turned unusually pale and weak," her oldest son, Ryan, shares.

She's currently surviving through blood transfusions that are done 3 times a month. Each of these sessions cost the family 30,000 pesos.

Sneezing or coughing can cause internal and external bleeding

Her doctors have advised the family to make sure that she does not catch a cold, as the simple act of sneezing or coughing can cause internal or external bleeding.

Ryan shares that he and his father have taken out loans in order to provide for his mother's needs. However, they add that they have borrowed all the money that they possibly can from their family and friends.

The health card that Ryan got for his mother has already reached the limit.

In an interview with Inquirer, Ryan shares, "I hope that your readers will help me pay for my mother’s medication and apheresis platelets transfusions. May God bless those who can assist us and keep them healthy."

Those who wish to help can be reached at 0995-2506834. Those who wish to donate can do so by depositing their donations in his brother, Jay Angelo Piguerra's BPI account, (#4289 0615 04).


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