Spending money on vacations instead of toys is better for your kids!

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While they're much more expensive, vacations are actually better for your kids' development compared to just buying them toys!

As a parent, you've probably bought your kids a lot of toys that they can play with in order to keep them happy. But did you know that in reality, going on trips and vacations does a lot more for your kids than any toy you can buy?

Kids also love going on vacations

According to Oliver James, a bestselling author in the UK, going on a holiday is much more valued by children, not just when they're out on vacation, but they also learn to treasure the memories that they have right after the trip.

Just like most adults, who feel that experiences such as traveling or going on a vacation are much more fulfilling compared to just buying things, kids also feel the same way.

However, parents should know that the places and activities they might be interested in might not exactly be the places or activities that their kids would want to experience. So it's important to take your kids into consideration when it comes to your travel plans. Kids don't want to feel like you're just dragging them around during the vacation!

Take the time to let your kids learn during the vacation

Of course, going on a vacation is simply more than just lazing around in the beach or going to theme parks. A vacation should also be an opportunity to let your kid learn something that they don't usually learn in school or at home. A great example would be going to a zoo or aquarium, and taking the time to learn about the animals that they can see there.

Vacations are also a great way to teach your kids to take care of the environment; you can teach them that if they find any trash lying about in the beach, they should dispose of it in a trash can instead of leaving it there on the beach.

Vacations are also a time to create wonderful memories, so take some time to do exciting things that will surely last in your children's minds. They're a great opportunity to create stories that you can talk about later on, and they'll always have wonderful memories of their family.

It's also a time to relax and just lay back

While it's important to make sure that your vacations are productive, it's just as important to remember that vacations are something that you and your kids shouldn't get stressed about.

If something doesn't go your way, or some of your plans are ruined, don't fret too much about it. Vacations should be stress-free and relaxing! They're a great way to get away from your work, or from managing the household, and it's also a good way for kids to stop thinking about their schoolwork for a moment, and just have fun!

So the next time your kid asks you to buy the latest toy or gadget, why not talk to them about having a nice vacation instead? We're sure that they would love it!

Source: telegraph.co.uk

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