Kids who don't spend enough time with their dads can become bullies

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New research suggests that kids who spend less time bonding with their fathers are more prone to bullying or cruel behavior towards other kids.

Researchers have found that kids who don't spend enough time with their fathers tend to be prone to more bullying behavior compared to kids who spend time with their dads.

Time spent with fathers had the most impact on bullying behaviors

According to Vanderbilt University sociologist Andre Christie-Mizell, "Our behavior is driven by our perception of our world, so if children feel they are not getting enough time and attention from parents then those feelings have to go somewhere and it appears in interaction with their peers."

He found out that when kids perceive that their fathers don't spend enough time with them, they tend to express those feelings of not being with their fathers through cruel or bullying behavior.

According to Mizell, their original hypothesis was that the time spent with mothers had the most impact on bullying behavior, since kids generally spend more time with their mothers as compared to their fathers who are usually at work. They were surprised to find that it was when the kids' fathers worked overtime, or didn't have enough time for their kids was when the children started to become bullies.

He shares, "The findings about fathers and mothers are important because it turns what most of us think is conventional wisdom—that mothers have the most influence on children—on its ear. What this research shows is that while it’s equally important for kids to spend time with both parents, fathers need to make an extra effort."

Fathers need to spend more time with their children

While it's important for fathers to work so that they can provide for their families, it's just as important for them to also fulfill their children's emotional needs and spend some quality time with them.

Kids need to develop a deep bond between their father and their mother in order for them to grow up well-adjusted and not feel that they're being neglected at home. Kids need their parents' attention, so mothers and fathers should take the time out of their day to just be with their kids. Even a few hours of quality time can have a significant impact on their behavior and development, and also boosts their self-esteem.

Spending time with your kids also helps parents have more influence over their kids, so their kids will be more obedient and will have respect for their parents. It's also important to develop a close bond with your child at a very young age, in order to develop a deeper bond with their child as they grow older.


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