10 Stay-at-home date ideas for the "wais" couple

You don't have to break the bank to spend quality time together or have a memorable date night! Try these fun and romantic tipid date ideas!

It doesn't matter if you've been together for two years or two decades, date nights are essential to keeping the spark alive in any relationship. Spending quality time together shouldn't be an inconvenience; there are lot of ways for couples to have a romantic date night by staying in. Make sure to leave your kid (or kids) under the watchful eye of your trusted yaya to make sure the romance is uninterrupted.

Here are 10 stay-at-home dates you'll truly enjoy!

1. Have an indoor picnic inside your own fort

Make sandwiches or pasta and enjoy it together inside a blanket and pillow fort with twinkly string lights in your bedroom or living room. Making the room dimly lit will add to the ambience.

2. Youtube Karaoke for two!

Yes, this is a thing. Choose your favorite songs and serenade one another! It doesn't matter if you're out of tune. The fact that you're in the privacy of your home will make it even more fun!

3. Make an unusual pizza together!

A homemade pizza with toppings selected by you and your partner will make it even more memorable. The weirder, the better! Here are some recipe ideas to get you started.


4. Dress up and dine in style

You don't have to step outside the house to enjoy a fancy dinner together. Dress your best and set a lavish dinner table, as if you're at a fine dining restaurant. You can order in or make the meal yourself, the point is enjoying a fancy dinner date right in the comfort of your home.

5. Take salsa lessons!

There are hundreds of dance tutorials on Youtube! Salsa is one of the sexiest dances to learn, which makes it perfect for a date night. Don't forget to dress the part!


6. Massage each other

Choose soothing massage oils and take turns massaging one another. Dim the lights, light candles, and play relaxing spa music. This will also be a great way to segue into more intimate activities.

7. Take a bath together

It doesn't matter if you don't have a bath tub, you can buy an inflatable pool and soak in it together. Choose soothing bath salts and bubble baths.


8. Skype double date with another couple

If you have couple friends abroad, why not hit two birds with one stone and reconnect with them on your date night, too? Just set a laptop on your table and Skype with them while you have dinner and have a great catch-up conversation.

9. Rewatch your favorite movies as kids

Sharing meaningful things you both loved as kids is a great way to deepen your bond. Rewatch movies you loved before you even met each other! The blanket and pillow fort mentioned above will work for this, too!

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10. Play games

Playing board games or video games is a great way to spend time with one another. It's simple, timeless, and fun!

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