"Being a stay-at-home mom doesn't look that hard

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Try it before you judge, says the ParentTown community

Full-time moms have been saying for years that taking care of the kids and the house is exhausting work. But people are still wondering if that’s true. Even husbands, like this theAsianparent Community user, are skeptical about how hard being a stay-at-home mother really is.

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Being a stay-at-home mom is not like having a “real” job

This is actually true. When you’re a stay-at-home mom, you don’t clock in hours. You’re on the job 24/7—no annual leaves, sick leaves, bonuses, or even salaries, for that matter.

I would say the stress is different and is constant,” responded Jacq N. “‘Family’ is the top priority and every decision or thought is usually centered on the husband and children. Things that may seemed trivia;, like how much sleep, how much food, and even how much poop is of great concern to the mother. Even when a mother is able to take “time off” for some me-time, some would feel guilty and could not really enjoy the ‘break’.”

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Full-time parenting is no joke

If you’re a working parent, staying at home and taking care of the kids may seem easier—even a reprieve from work stress. But the stress that a stay-at-home mom has is a totally different banana. A weekend with the kids can’t compare to an extended period of time as the primary caregiver. You and your kids will have bad days. You will get tired and impatient. You will wish for privacy and quiet.

src=https://ph admin.theasianparent.com/wp content/uploads/sites/11/2016/09/dreamstime s 18517273.jpg Being a stay at home mom doesnt look that hard

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You might even wish you and your partner’s roles were reversed. And that might not be a bad idea—if you feel like you and your partner would both be happier if you took over each other’s roles, try it if it’s possible.

“It’s not something that you can just leave if you don’t feel like doing it anymore,” says Ling F. “It would be a good idea if you exchanged roles with your wife if you really want to experience it firsthand. Perhaps it may be more suitable for you? Trial and error, to each its own. Our capabilities and strengths are all different.”

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