Keep your stuff organized with these life hacks with binder clips

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If you've got plenty of binder clips lying around the house, don't throw them out! They go beyond clipping your paper together. Read this for other uses.

One of the most versatile things that I love to use are binder clips!  Here are some innovative ways on how to organize with them.

Toothpaste Squeezer

It helps keep the rolled up portion in place.

Cable Clamp

I store my cables neatly and knot-free this way.

Cable Catcher

I hate having to bend under my desk just to look for cables.  Binder clips attached to the end of the table help keep them easily accessible.

Ribbon Clamp

My ribbons never unravel on me with the help of binder clips!

Accessories Organizer

Here’s how I keep my necklaces from tangling with each other.  I use binder clips to keep them neat on a hanger

Chips Bag Clip

I keep my chips and cookies crisp and fresh with binder clips.  I think it holds the bag shut tighter compared to other bag clips actually made for this purpose.

Refrigerator Item Lock

Bottles inside the refrigerator are held neatly stacked with the help of binder clips!


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