College student falls off a condo in Ermita while taking a selfie

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She just wanted to take photos with a nice view but her young life tragically came to an end in an unfortunate accident.

19-year-old Kristina Marie Pagalilauan was supposed to graduate with a degree in Mass Communications from Adamson University next year.

But sadly, her life came to an end when she fell from the top of a condominium building somewhere along Ermita, Manila last Tuesday, January 5.

News5 reports that the accident happened while she was sitting on a ledge taking a selfie.

Kristina had reportedly been visiting her boyfriend at his condominium unit and had gone up all the way to the roof deck of the building on the 20th floor to admire the view and take photos with a friend.

They managed to take a couple of photos while sitting on an elevated ledge on the side of the roof deck.

Kristina reportedly leaned up against a lowered portion of the ledge which had an uneven surface and possibly lost her balance.

When Kristina's friend was reviewing the photos they had taken so far, she looked up to find that Kristina was no longer sitting on the ledge.

Kristina managed to hold on to the side of the building but her friend was unable to pull her up.

The administration of the condominium has yet to give a statement regarding the incident.

Adamson University posted this status of mourning on facebook.

We join the Adamson University community in mourning the passing of our fellow student from the College of Education and...

Posted by Adamson University-PULITIKA on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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