Graduating student from Isabela found dead in corn field

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A graduating student from Isabela was found lifeless in a corn field, and her body was reported to have shown signs that she was also raped.

A graduating student from Isabela has been found dead in a corn field, and has shown signs that she might have possibly been raped before being killed.

She just went to choir practice

According to investigators, the student left their home to go to a local church for choir practice. However, her parents started to get worried since it was getting late and she still wasn't at home.

A few hours later, her body was found dead in a cornfield. She also had a head wound, and her undergarments were taken off, leading investigators to conclude that she might have possibly been sexually abused before being killed.

Investigations are currently ongoing to find the suspect for the crime.

Netizens are calling for justice

In the wake of the numerous reports of rape and killings throughout the country, a lot of people online are calling for justice against criminals. If you read the comments on news reports on Facebook, you'll see a lot of comments from people condemning the criminals and wanting the government to take immediate action.

One of the most common topics of discussion would be whether or not bringing back the death penalty would be helpful in lowering the crime rate in the country. Proponents of the death penalty say that it would be an effective deterrent against would-be criminals, and that it would also help families of victims find their peace.

But on the other hand, those who are against the death penalty have cited numerous studies that show the death penalty does not do anything in order to reduce the crime rate. They add that it would be better to rehabilitate criminals and help them instead of putting them to death.

As parents, the most important thing would be keeping our families safe. And regardless of whether or not the death penalty will be put in place, the bottom line is that we should keep our family close, and do everything that we can to keep our kids out of harm's way.


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