Did you know that sleeping early is healthier for your child?

Did you know that sleeping early is healthier for your child?

Studies show that children who sleep early have more time for rest and are at lower risk for obesity later in life. Here are some bedtime tips for your kid!

Scientists have long since discovered that children who don't get enough sleep have an increased risk when it comes to obesity. But now, a new study suggests that having a late bedtime is linked to greater obesity later in life.

The study tested about 977 children, and they found out that sleeping early gives kids more time to rest and that it also reduces sleeping problems such as waking up in the middle of the night or difficulty falling asleep. Sleep also helps your child's brain develop better and can also improve their performance in school.

So, how exactly would parents get their child to sleep earlier? Here are some tips to make sure that your kid sleeps early and also gets enough sleep:

1. A regular bedtime routine is very important

You can start off the bedtime routine with asking your child to brush his or her teeth. Then you can ask them to pick a book to read before you tuck them in to sleep. A routine helps give your child structure and they will be more aware of when their bedtime should be.

2. Set aside all electronic devices before tucking in

For older children, make sure to set aside their cellphones, laptops, or tablets before tucking in. Bedtime should be for rest, and if they have access to their electronic devices, then it might cause them to stay up late. Make it a rule to set aside their gadgets before going to sleep.

3. Set an example

Yup, even adults need to sleep early and have enough hours of sleep. A good way of showing your kids that sleep is important is to set an example. It might be difficult to do especially if you're used to sleeping really late, but if you really want your children to sleep earlier, then you'd have to set a good example for them. Trust me, with sleep at a premium for parents, you'll be happy for the extra hours of sleep that you'll be getting.


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