5 Tips to having successful morning routines for working moms

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Preparation is key and only takes a little bit of your time the night before.

Getting the kids out of bed when you have to do it very early in the morning can sometimes end up in a series of meltdowns and delays. Whether it is last minute packing, or the kids had a late night the night before, here are some ways to maximize your prep time so that morning routines can be executed in a calm and timely manner.

It really pays to take half an hour the night before, after the kids have gone to bed, to prepare everything you need for the next day. I always think that preparation is key and results in a more relaxed morning because you know you already prepared everything to go the night before. No whip cracking needed.

1. Have Ready Your Next Day Clothes

image credit : Pinterest

image credit : Pinterest

Plan what you want to wear to work today and have them ironed, hung and ready for you to jump into first thing in the morning. Same goes with the kids' uniforms if you haven't ironed them earlier in the week. Stick to what you've decided to wear because you will be wasting time choosing another set, unless you have one already ironed or if there was disaster like spilling your coffee on your top.

If your kids have a mind of their own and prefers to pick their own clothes, have them pick out an outfit before they head to bed.

Having a go to outfit combo works really well too, so organize your clothes in sets on laundry days and you will thank yourself later. Streamlining the color of the clothes you wear for work also makes it so much easier to mix and match.

2. Have a Standard Breakfast


No need to practice your culinary arts first thing in the morning and end up a momster, rushing the kids to eat your hard work. Keep it simple and nutritious, because if your kids are not morning people, chances are their tummy hasn't woken up either. Cereal, buns, smoothies or even sandwiches that you can take on the go could work better.

Save your creativity for their snack boxes for break time which you can also prepare with love the night before.

3. Set a Time Limit for Checking Your Phone in the Morning

image credit : healthnewsandviews

image credit : healthnewsandviews

I admit I have a habit of checking all my phone first thing in the morning and in bed. I think we all have that tendency. Try to limit this to just catching up on what is important only and not checking out what's happening across the social media platform. Prioritize. All the other petty things can wait later.

4. Delegate the load

image credit : http://yikestikes.com/

image credit : yikestikes.com

Don't do everything yourself and delegate where you can. While it helps to have a yaya help get kids ready, if your kids are old enough, let them do things on their own like packing their own bags for school the night before. It saves you time leaving only the need to do a quick check. It also teaches them to be responsible for their own homework and books.

Or maybe the older ones can help dress the younger ones?

5. Line Up Everything For Easy Grab-and-Go

image credit : AliExpress.com

image credit : AliExpress.com

Line up everything you need to bring the very next day and put them by the door. No yelling for where's this and that whatsoever. Every one can pick up their own bags and head straight to the car.

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