Is there really such a thing as a “sugar high”?

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Does sugar really make kids hyper?

Feed a child candies and you can expect hyperactive behavior soon afterwards. Isn’t that an established fact? Apparently, not.

According to this article from Live Science, there really isn’t such a things as a sugar high. “Sugar does not appear to affect behavior in children,” said Dr. Mark Wolraich, chief of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center.

It doesn’t take a behavioralist to see how parents associate sugar with hyperactivity. Sugar is often the main attraction at birthday parties and other occasions that are enough by themselves to make children excitable—sugar or no sugar.

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While it is true that someone with low blood sugar levels can get energy boosts from sugary snacks and drinks, that doesn’t apply for someone who has normal blood sugar levels. “The body will normally regulate those sugars. If it needs it, it will use the energy,” Wolraich explained. “If it doesn’t need it, it will convert it to fat for storage.”

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