Free summer workshops to keep your kids busy during their vacation!

Moms, summer workshops don't always have to be expensive! Here are some great, free summer workshops that are perfect for your kids!

Summer workshops don't always have to be expensive! There's actually a lot of summer workshops that offer different fun and exciting experiences for your kids!

1. JMS Productions

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Think your kid is the next superstar? Why not try enrolling them in the free summer workshop offered by JMS Productions Group of Talent Artist?

All you have to do is visit their Facebook page and upload a super cute photo of your kid! Who knows, your kid might be able to enjoy a great summer workshop that would help build up their skills and talents when it comes to singing, dancing, acting, and modeling!

2. Pasig Youth Development Center

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You'll be surprised at the wide variety of summer classes that are all available for free at the Pasig Youth Development Center!

They offer cooking classes, ballet, computer, drawing, drums, guitar, hip-hop dancing, piano, and even voice lessons! And all those lessons are available for free! Cool right?

So if your kid is interested in learning something new, or if they want to improve their skills this summer, why not try inquiring at the Pasig Youth Development Center to see what classes are available?

You can give them a call at 02-643-7632 to learn more.

3. Manila Symphony Orchestra

Is your kid very much into classical music? Why not try enrolling them in the free summer workshops that the Manila Symphony Orchestra offers each summer?

The workshops are held in various malls around Metro Manila and are open to children aged 9-18, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. So make sure to go there early!

To keep yourself updated, just follow them on Facebook at:


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