Sunshine Cruz shares boyfriend Macky Mathay is 'really close' to her three daughters

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Though they haven't been dating for very long, Sunshine proudly shares that her new boyfriend Macky Mathay has already bonded with her three daughters

Sunshine Cruz officially confirmed she was in a relationship again in October 2016 after calling it quits with veteran actor Cesar Montano, with whom she has three daughters.

After the end of her 13-year marriage, followed by a messy legal battle, it seems the mom-of-three has managed to move on with the help of Macky Mathay, the brother of her close friend, actress Ara Mina.

In a recent interview with PEP, the 38-year-old actress gushed about being "in a much better place now" and both her fans and the people closest to her can see it because her life is an "open book".

There is no longer any heartache, she told PEP, and her life is so much better now, describing Macky as her inspiration,  "someone who accepts you for who you are at kung ano man ang past mo".

Though she says her life is an open book, she still longs for privacy. However, she knows that being an actress opens one's life up to the public eye.

Along with accepting this, she's happy that her three daughters Angelina, Samantha, and Francheska have grown close to Macky.

"They’re really close to Macky. Ang bait e, mabait naman na tao kasi, kaya mabilis rin gumaan ang loob ng mga anak ko sa kanya."


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In fact, even before Sunshine introduced him to them, they were already excited to meet him.

Before they spent the holidays with Macky and his two son's from a previous relationship, Roan and Colin, they would always ask when they were going to meet him.

Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless ? Hope you guys had a great one!

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"Nakakausap na nila sa phone even before," shared Sunshine, recalling how since then they'd repeatedly ask her about when they'd finally meet her new love.

Feeling it was the right time, the mom-of-three surprised her girls by taking them out to lunch with Macky.

She first picked him up at the airport then asked her daughters to meet them at a restaurant, not telling them that Macky would be there, too.

"So we were waiting sa restaurant, together with my PA, ako, si Macky tapos yun, nung dumating sila sa restaurant, nagsisisigaw sila. Nagulat sila talaga and they were of course happy," recounts Sunshine in the same interview with PEP.


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"And ngayon naman, so far so good. They’re really close to Macky," she proudly shared. "Ang bait e, mabait naman na tao kasi, kaya mabilis rin gumaan ang loob ng mga anak ko sa kanya."

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