Super cute babies trying to act like adults!

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Watch as these super cute babies try to do things that adults do!

A lot of kids just can't wait until they can become adults and do all of the things that their parents and older relatives do. However, these super cute babies are taking it one step further!

Looks like he's trying to close a business transaction!

We're guessing it might be a very important business transaction. Or maybe he just needs extra diapers, that's why he's calling his dad. We can't really tell.

Are we seeing a future Arnold Schwarzenegger in the making?

That's actually pretty impressive flexing, even for a baby! We might be looking at a future body builder here!

She sounds just like a mom!

Woah, she sounds just like a mom trying to scold her kid! That's crazy!

This looks like they're using some sort of secret twin language to talk

Hmm, they might be having some top secret baby discussion. That, or maybe they're just blabbing about. Either way, it's super cute!

Hmm, what could she be trying to say?

Maybe she's actually trying to say something? Regardless, that's one super cute baby!

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