Swallowing sperm has serious health benefits, studies say

Swallowing sperm has serious health benefits, studies say

Swallowing sperm has surprisingly great benefits for us, ladies! If you're looking for more incentive to go down on your man, take a look at what we found out about semen.

Admit it, ladies, we love to give our husbands a good blowjob. Hearing him make cute, helpless sounds of pleasure makes you feel really powerful and sexy. But, what’s really in it for us? Do you know that there are some benefits of blowjob and swallowing semen?

Benefits of blowjob and swallowing semen

If you’re one of our sexy ladies who likes to give blowjobs, then we have great news for you. Swallowing sperm has serious health benefits!


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That’s right; your husband’s climax in your mouth is good—for both of you. Take a look at what you get by letting your man come in your mouth:

1. Lessens risk for preeclampsia in pregnant women

Pregnant moms might want to go down more often on their hubbies as swallowing sperm lowers the risk for the dreaded preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication that is related to having high blood pressure. It could lead to serious complications when you give birth. So better to just get your dose, right?

2. Reduces morning sickness

Another great benefit for our pregnant moms. Some health experts say since you ingest organic matter in the form of semen, you build up your immunity and vomit less. In your first trimester, experiencing morning sickness could be such a pain. So if semen can actually make you feel less nauseous, then it’s worth it!

3. Makes us happier

Well, if you’re already happy from giving a blowjob, the oxytocin found in semen can give you an even happier boost. Oxytocin is the chemical responsible for making us feel kilig. Next time you are about to get into an argument, just increase your oxytocin by doing the deed!

4. Helps us sleep


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Did you know that swallowing sperm gives you melatonin, which is the natural hormone for inducing sleep? So for those of you who are having trouble sleeping at night even when spooning with your hubby, this might do it for you!

5. Decreases the risk of breast cancer

Another study, according to the university of Santa Barbara, California, has shown that regular exposure to semen may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

While these studies do not have conclusive evidence for all women out there, it’s good to know that giving hubby a blowjob does have benefits for us kinky ladies.

What do you think, ladies? Up for more blowjobs? Tell us about it in the comments!

How do you know if you’re doing it right?

1. Ask them if they like what you’re doing

Ask them what works best for them. Do they want you to go faster or slower? Is there a pace they are comfortable with? This can help the two of you communicate your expectations and help you improve at the “job.”

2. Talk dirty while you’re at it

Sometimes your partner may feel awkward while you are busy down there. So talk them through the process. Tell them how delicious they are and how much you’re loving what you’re doing. Talk dirty, and expect results.

3. Make some eye contact

It also helps if you make some eye contact with your partner while you are at it. Some love to watch their spouse enjoy themselves. This can also boost your partner’s confidence and tell them that they are acing the act of oral sex.

4. Try different speeds


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Don’t stick to the same speed of tongue-mouth stimulation. Alternate between varying rhythms and speeds,  and watch how this affects your partner. Of course, it also means you can take a break in between. Win-win!

5. Show some enthusiasm

Don’t just do it silently and stoically. Show that you’re loving it too. Moan, groan, tell them that you love it and caress the rest of their body while you’re at it. Doing this is a guaranteed turn-on for the other party.

We promise, it’ll be a night like no other!

Here at theAsianparent Philippines, it’s important for us to give information that is correct, significant, and timely. But this doesn’t serve as an alternative for medical advise or medical treatment. TheAsianparent Philippines is not responsible to those that would choose to drink medicines based on information from our website. If you have any doubts, we recommend to consult your doctor for clearer information.


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