Street vendor and Syrian refugee single dad now a successful business owner

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Here's an inspiring story of a single dad who beat the odds and rebuilt a new life for the love of his children.

It all started with a viral photo of a dad selling pens on the street in Lebanon. The man in the photo, seen cradling his sleeping daughter as he peddles his wares, quickly touched the hearts of many netizens all over the world.

As a result, many people learned the story of Abdul Haleem al-Kader a Palestinian-Syrian refugee and single dad formerly lived in the Yarmouk refugee camp with his two children 4-year-old Reem, and 9-year-old Abdullelah.

Yarmouk refugee camp houses about 150,000 refugees living in oppressive conditions in constant danger, caught in the midst of a civil war while being attacked by ISIS.

Kader left Syria with his two kids and wife four years ago to live in Egypt. His wife longed to return home but when Kader refused, she abandoned them.

Gissur Simonarson, the journalist who first snapped the viral photo decided to start an Indiegogo campaign to help the single dad. His goal was to raise about $5,000 but he was stunned to discover that they had raised $50,000 in 24 hours.

“I was surprised to know that people abroad heard about my story and care about my kids,” said Kader to BuzzFeed News. “I couldn’t hold my tears. I kept saying, ‘Thank god, thank god,’ and hugging my kids.”

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