Talk your way to a better relationship by asking each other the right questions

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Be honest and hold open discussions to assess the state of your relationship. Read our guide questions for couples to set you on the right course.

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In a relationship, always take time to spend a moment together and talk about how each other is doing.

In a relationship, couples often face the trouble of not knowing the exact problem but are aware of its existence. Under these circumstances, distances — both emotional as well as physical — increase between partners. So, it is important to constantly discuss with each other about the status of your relationship as well as your wants and expectations of each other.

Invest quality time with each other. You can do this simply by sitting together and asking yourselves whether the relationship is going in the right direction. Is there something that is required or lacking in the relationship? What are the needs of both the partners? Is the other fulfilling those needs? These are important questions, which require honest answers from both partners as the health of a relationship depends on it.

Goals, aims and aspirations of the partners, both individually as well as a couple, should be constantly reviewed and re-assessed in order to ensure that the relationship is indeed moving in the right direction.

Ask yourselves these simple questions and answer them honestly. Once you do, you will notice the strength in your relationship augmenting and the intensity of your bonding going up by a few notches, if not more.

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