#TAPfluencer: Dra. Gellina Ann Suderio - Maala

#TAPfluencer: Dra. Gellina Ann Suderio - Maala

How lucky can you be to have your mommy be a pediatrician?  Those who follow the TAP Facebook lives and our activities, then you will know our TAPFluencer!

How lucky can you be to have your mommy be a pediatrician? How lucky can you be to have your mommy be a pediatrician?  Those who follow the TAP Facebook lives and our activities, then you will know our TAPFluencer! Dra. Gellina Suderio-Maala, is our pediatrician mommy that helps us with her fantastic practical medical advice.
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You see her  in our different Facebook live in theAsianparent Philippines, but who is she? Read more about Dr. Gellina Suderio-Maala.


Dra. Gellina Ann Suderio-Maala is a pediatrician and also a mother. Her dedication in her profession is one of a kind. Her dedication to help parents like her to raise their kids and help them to worry less for their growing child. Being a TAP mom she also helps us to inform other parents by joining our different Facebook live. So, we are very lucky to have Dr. Gel, as we call her to have in our TAP family.

“I love being a TAPFluencer mom because I get to meet other mommies, learn from them, help other parents, and promote awareness about the different aspects of parenting.”

She also enjoys being a mother, for Dra. Gel the best part about being a mom is,

“As per Dra. Gel, the best part Seeing my children grow to the little humans they are one day at a time.”

And for Dra. Gel her mommy superpower is kisses with healing powers to her kids. Of course mom’s kisses is the best healing power ever.

“I can give kisses with healing powers to my kids. Hehe. I also have “the look” superpower that when I do that to my kids they just know something’s not right or they did something mommy didn’t like.”

Being a mother, is truly a responsibility. Every mom for sure is a busy mom, so when we ask Dra. Gellina what wish does she wants, more time, sleep etc, she said that,

“I wish I have more time for myself. I am an advocate of self- love and self- care. But due to my work, I sometimes forget that I have to take care of myself too. Whenever I remember that, I always go back to questioning myself with “How will I be able to provide 100% of my care to my family if I will not give 100% care to myself?”

Dra. Gel also wishes that the Big Man up there always protects her, guide her actions, decisions and thoughts.


Image from Facebook of Dra. Gellina Suderio-Maala



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Let’s know Dra. Gellina Suderio-Maala

What is your Christmas wish?

I am wishing for good health for everyone. We have to be at our best to be productive, to provide more, and to survive.

What is the one thing you would like your child to learn from you?

I want my kids to learn how to be resilient. I want them to be strong and keep their faith despite many challenges. These obstacles that will come in their lives are not dead ends but rather a stepping stone to good life or success.

What are your hopes for your child’s future?

Every parent wants nothing but the best for their children. But i really do hope that my kids grow up to be good individuals, be family- oriented, put God first. I hope they will find a career they are passionate about, one that will bring their lives fulfillment.

Image from Facebook of Dra. Gellina Suderio-Maala

Best parenting advice you received and would like to share:

Keep things in perspective and remember your positive parenting goals.

Best parenting hack you’ve learned:

Monkey see, monkey do. So if you want your kids to grow up as a good person be the role model they would look up to.

Best lesson you’ve learned from being a parent:

Love is best spoken and shown. We have to make our children feel loved no matter the circumstance.
Agian, we are so lucky and thankful to have Dra. Maala as part of our community! Watch out for Dra. Gellina Suderio-Maala for future Facebook live with her. Follow us on Facebook, The Asian Parent Philippines!

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