5 Simple ways to teach Pinoy pride to your kids

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Philippine Independence Day is fast approaching, does your child truly appreciate what it means? Here's how you can raise them to be more nationalistic

1. Read folk tales as bedtime stories

Kids don’t have to learn about Pinoy history and culture solely from textbooks read in a classroom. Make learning about the stories and legends of their ancestors fun by choosing engaging books to read to them at bedtime. A great comic book I came across recently, for instance, was Halo Halo Histories: A Lolong Time Ago, which is targeted at older kids, as it is also fun to read on their own!

2. Travel and learn!

Nothing beats immersing them in places like Las Casas de Filipinas Acuzar in Bataan, or other heritage sites across the country, but if you don’t exactly have time or budget to travel frequently, there are perfectly good museums within Manila as well as cultural events and festivals throughout the year in around the Metro!

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3. Get to know Pinoy personalities

Looking up to role models like Lea Salonga, Pia Wurtzbach, or Apl de Ap, who are proudly Pinoy, can make them proud, too! They can also be empowered to reach for their dreams, all while being proud of their heritage and culture, no matter where life takes them!

4. Speak to them in Filipino or your hometown’s dialect

Sure,  the medium of instruction in school is often English, but speaking to them in Filipino or any regional dialect at home can instill Pinoy pride as well as shape their identity. Make sure they don’t see their language as “less,” because it’s their heritage and they should be proud of that.

5. Teach them to give back

Loving their community is a part of the Pinoy tradition of “Bayanihan,” which means they always have a heart to help their neighbor, even in little ways! Take them to volunteer at a local orphanage or pet shelter for a weekend; encourage them to engage in conversation with fellow young Pinoys whose experiences are different from theirs. You won’t just be teaching them to be kind and compassionate, you’ll also make them feel more connected to their countrymen.

How do you inspire nationalism in your kids, moms and dads?

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